Friesen Harvesting is a Christian family operation. Father and son, Lyle Friesen & Brandon Friesen own and operate the business. Lyle Friesen  and wife, Peggy, have a son and daughter at home who still help out with harvest. Brandon Friesen and wife, Kasey, currently 1 child. Since we are a family owned business there is NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO ALLOWED. We also require all employees to take a drug test before starting work. We hire employees from all states and countries. New Zealand and Sweden are countries that have been represented in the past.

During the harvest season we provide a trailer house to accommodate our employees. This trailer includes bunk beds, closets, washer and dryer; shower and bathroom, sitting room with satellite TV, refrigerator, etc. (Our family has a trailer house from which we provide home cooked meals provided by our wives while we are on the road.) Most meals are eaten in the field when we're harvesting or at the trailer houses. While we are harvesting our work schedule is dependent on the weather. If the weather is good, we usually work long hours. When the weather is not conducive to harvesting we have time to relax or enjoy other recreational activities depending on our location.

Harvesters get paid by the quality and quantity of our work, and our employees get paid this way as well. If you are a capable, conscientious, and careful worker, we will give you an adequate increase in your salary.

We require that you be at least 18 years old and be willing to commit to the duration of harvest season from May through October. You need to be able to listen and take instruction from the supervisor. We also require you to take care of equipment and respect other people around you.
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